Most trees flourish in daylight, but the Unpopular Poplar grows only by dark. Visit our grove ensconced in moonlight, see how the leaves shimmer. Watch the firebugs waltz with the forest sprites in the midnight breeze. We all are friends of furtive things here, and those who share a love for such silent treasures are welcome; for if you listen closely enough, you will find that even the smallest of saplings has a voice….

…I dunno. Just felt like waxing poetic for a bit. I hope you’ll forgive me that moment of self-indulgence. Anyhoo, welcome (back) to my blog. Today, I will be talking again about a topic I don’t yet think I’m very familiar with: Myself.

Despite being a bit of a night owl, I do enjoy the occasional spot of sunshine; so a big thank you to Pinkie at Pinkie’s Paradise for this Sunshine Blogger nomination. Her latest Sunshine Blogger post was a fun read, so I’d recommend you check it out, if you haven’t already!

The rules of the game, if I’ve understood them correctly, are simple: Display the Sunshine Blogger logo, thank whoever tagged you (obviously!), answer their 11 questions, then come up with 11 questions of your own, which the 11 people you tag, should they choose to accept it, will answer in turn.

Sounds like fun, right? So let’s get started:

1. Which is your favourite Power Puff Girl? If you don’t have a favourite or don’t know the series make one up!

I never got to watch much Power Puff Girls as a kid, because it was on a channel called YTV back in the day, and my parents generally hated when I watched YTV– something about “stupid” cartoons rotting my brain or corrupting my childish innocence, I reckon.

Whenever I did get to watch it, it was usually at a friend’s house. We would hang out in his basement (he had a really cool basement, along with minimal parental supervision!) and play all sorts of crazy games, usually with YTV on in the background.

Bubbles was definitely my favourite. I really liked blond hair when I was a kid, and was obsessed with dying my hair ‘gold.’ Incidentally, I was also probably the only kid in the universe who thought that Yugi Mutou’s hair was, like, the coolest thing ever.

2. If anime could be taken in as actual nourishment..what genre would be your favourite breakfast?

I’d start my day with a nice, wholesome Slice of Life.

3. How are you holding up in these times? Are you doing okay?

I’m doing fine, thanks for asking! While a lot of people are struggling this year for very understandable reasons, I think 2020 has been uncharacteristically kind to me. I’ve had many strokes of good fortune in 2020 so far, and my mental health is in a much better spot than it was around the end of 2019. I only wish that everyone else could be as satisfied with this year as I am.

Another reason to like Psycho-Pass: It always has a screenshot for me to use whenever I draw a blank.

4. Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

I had many! As a child, my imagination probably ran even wilder than it does now, if such a thing is possible. I spent countless hours with my imaginary friends. When I was lonely, they would play with me. When I was hiding from the monsters lurking in the dark corners of my bedroom, they would hide under the blankets with me, and we would chat about brighter things until we fell asleep. When I lay awake at night, crying, my young mind awash with existential terror and questions I had no answers to, they alone would comfort me. When I slept, we would go on fantastical adventures together in our dreams. One of the hardest parts of my childhood was pretending that they didn’t exist when I was around my real-world friends.

They still visit me, from time to time, in my dreams; but not nearly as often. I like to think that they’re busy keeping another child company now, one who needs their friendship more than I do.

Another show I loved when I was younger.

5. Have you ever had impure thoughts about an anime/video game character?! What was the character?

Hahaha, I most certainly have– but don’t tell anyone! I had two video game crushes when I was a teenager… each of which verged on obsessive. The first one was Tali from the Mass Effect series.

Oh, the hours I spent wishing this could be me…

The second was from yet another BioWare game: Merrill, from Dragon Age 2.

If you’re familiar with these two characters, you’ve probably realised that they’re kind of similar in a few ways. Though I’ve long since gotten over my angsty teenage lovesickness, I admit, I still have a bit of a weakness for quirky/awkward girls.

6. Have you ever had impure thoughts about another blogger? Who thought I was gonna ask which blogger? I am not going to do that! But tell us a story anyway, maybe drop us a hint!

Perhaps now is a good time to note that I do not, in fact, possess any thoughts that could be inherently defined as impure. Purity is, and always has been, among my chief characteristics. Any thoughts possessed by me which could by certain lights be misperceived as impure, are, in actuality, a product of only the most honest intentions. Though, ah, I seem to have misplaced my halo, and I may or may not catch fire when exposed to direct sunlight, I am quite the angelic creature, I’ll have you know!

Hmm? Oh, yes. Right. The question.

I once dated a girl who who had a Tumblr account. Does that count? Probably not, eh? Well, sorry, but that’s all the juicy info you’re gonna get!

All jokes aside, when people ask me if there’s an IRL someone that I like(d), I always answer yes– and I always tell them that I always answer yes. I went through a very long period after 2013 in which I actively avoided romance, and still, during that period, I would almost always answer yes to those sorts of questions. No, it’s not to be cruel, I promise! On the contrary, I think it’s the most amicable resolution to any potential reason that the question might be asked. Maybe you’ll understand– if not, think about it for a bit!

7. Tell us about a weird thing you own.

I thought this would be an easier question to answer, but… now that I think of it, I don’t actually own many things that would surprise people. The only thing that comes to mind right now is this:

It’s a wee little Himeragi Yukina figure from Strike the Blood. I guess it’s not really weird in the anime otaku community, but it is weird considering that A) it’s the only anime figure I own, and B) I’m not even a very big fan of Strike the Blood! I got it a few years ago in one of those loot crates you can order that contain a bunch of random otaku goodies from Japan. The box I got was a seasonal promotion from from J-List (Note: This site sells and features some pretty raunchy images of 18+ NSFW content, viewer discretion advised), if I remember correctly. Anyway, the suction cup on the back of her head is meant to be attached to the back of your phone as a support, so you can stand it up and watch videos or something. I’ve tried to watch the series twice now, mainly because of this little friend who sits on my desk keeping me company, but ended up getting bored and dropping it on both occasions. It’s still a very cute figure, made even cuter because she’s wearing Akatsuki’s hoodie. D’aww.

8. How does the room you are writing this post in look like?

Dark, dusty, cluttered, cobwebs in each corner. Books, beer bottles, and boxes of incense haphazardly scattered all about. A few anime posters hanging on the walls. A few collections of feathers, here and there, gifted to me by winged friends. I admit, it kind of looks like an animal has been living here… but no, it’s just my bedroom. The door is closed and secured shut from the inside, and an ambient white noise has been set up to drown out all sounds from the outside. I’m sure a lot of people would be dissatisfied or even shocked with this setup, but I feel safest here, like a Boreal Chickadee, snug in his winter roost. I have everything I need in this cozy, tiny space; and truth be told, I have difficulty writing in any other environment.

9. Have you ever cooked/eaten something because you saw it in an anime/game?

I sure have! As I mentioned in my last post, I used to go to culinary school, and I like to think I’m pretty handy in the kitchen. There have been plenty of Japanese foods that I’ve cooked myself after learning about them in anime. Some of them include:

  • Okonomiyaki (my favourite)
  • Japanese curry
  • gyuudon
  • Katsudon/oyakodon
  • chicken nanban
  • yakisoba (another favourite)
  • oden
  • omurice
  • mapo tofu (a Japanese take on a Chinese dish)
  • anpan
  • mitarashi dango
  • chili shrimp (also originally Chinese)
  • soba, and soumen noodles
  • …and of course, sushi– though my sushi rolls may or may not have failed catastrophically…

Another very simple Japanese dish I absolutely love making is takenoko rice. It’s as simple as it sounds… just bamboo shoots mixed with sticky rice. You could, of course, just use canned bamboo, but if you have access to an Asian grocery in your area, I’d highly recommend visiting in the Spring and seeing if you can find raw bamboo shoots to prepare for yourself. It’s worth the extra effort! Ah, but I just really love the flavour of fresh bamboo shoot. Maybe I was a panda in my previous life?

I wish I had some pictures of my cooking to show you guys, but it’s been at least a year since I’ve cooked any Japanese food, and all my photos of my dishes are on an older (now defunct) phone. I don’t usually cook Japanese food solely for myself, and I don’t have many opportunities to cook for people anymore. I’ll need to whip myself up some okonomiyaki again soon, for old time’s sake.

I might do a post on my favourite food-related anime in the future. There’s nothing quite like sitting down on a Friday night with some beer and some good food and watching… anime characters sitting down on a Friday night with some beer and some good food. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a fun little food-related anime to watch, that will actually teach you how to cook some of the things they make in-show, I recommend you check out Isekai Izakaya. This answer is already way too long, and I could talk about food until hell freezes over, so that’s all I’ll say for now!

10. If you could switch lives with an anime/game character and could make other choices than the character in the anime would… Who would you swap with and what would you change?

I actually had to think about this one quite a bit. I’m more of an impartial observer in life, so I tend to draw blanks for questions like this. I could joke around and say I’d switch places with Doomguy and beat the demonic invasions using the power of friendship instead of ripping and tearing until it is done… but I kinda want to answer such a good question seriously.

I think maybe I would swap places with Naofumi Iwatani from Shield Hero. I don’t usually get angry at virtual characters, but… he annoyed me. The way he handled just about every situation in that show irritated me, and so I would do just about everything differently. No naivety; no half-measures; no forcing my enemies to legally change their names to “Stupid McDumbface” as punishment for high treason. Even writing about it now still makes me a bit salty. The only thing that stopped me from cheering for the bad guys in this show was Filo, who, yes, was indeed a gazillion times better than Raphtalia. Fight me.

Is smol birb girl: A) adorable; or B) adorablerest?

Overall, I’m just disappointed that Shield Hero started off as a darkly cynical revenge story, but seemed to get cold feet, transforming itself into a bog-standard Isekai, in the latter half of the arc. Talk about anticlimactic!

11. Come up with a final question you really would like to answer… then answer it!

Aww, come on, that’s no fair! Now I’m really drawing blanks.

I guess I’ll go with the standard, “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?” question. Mainly because my answer to the question always varies based on my current mood.

Right now, I’m thinking my superpower would be the ability to eat as much unhealthy food as I want, in ridiculous quantities, without any negative consequences. I truly am happiest in life whenever I’m just lazing around, eating food.

Yup, I was definitely a panda in my past life.

Now it’s my turn!

I’m very grateful for these tags I’ve been getting. Not only do they give me a free blog post idea on weeks where I’m too busy to do one of my anime reviews (AKA this week), but they also make me feel like I’m a part of this community– even though I haven’t been doing this for very long, and can be a bit elusive. So thanks again, Pinkie!

Now comes the difficult choice of who to tag. I really have no idea who would be interested in this sort of thing, so I think I’ll just tag everyone who has liked my last post as of my writing this, which is to say…

Alright; with that out of the way, time for me to think of some questions…

  1. What’s the most interesting thing that anime has taught you?
  2. Surprise! You are now famous. What are you famous for?
  3. Which anime character is most like you?
  4. You have been kidnapped by a powerful criminal organisation. The main protagonist of the last anime you watched is the one who must come to your rescue. Would you ever be rescued, or are you doomed?
  5. If you could only watch one genre of anime for the rest of your life, what genre would you choose?
  6. Choose your superpower (you knew this one was coming!)
  7. Give us one fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t know.
  8. You can invite one anime character to dinner (I’ll let you decide if it’s a date or not 😉 ). Who do you invite? Where do you decide to eat? What do you talk about?
  9. If you could own any creature from any anime/game/etc as an IRL pet, what pet would you choose?
  10. If you could solve any one problem in this world, what would it be?
  11. Would you rather: A) eat only your top three favourite foods for the rest of your life; or B) Eat anything except your top three favourite foods for the rest of your life?

It’s a shame I can only ask 11 questions, and not, say… 111. I have loads of fun and interesting questions I’d like to ask you. If you choose to answer any of the above in a post of your own, be sure to let me know so I can read it! If you don’t feel like writing a blog post, but still want to participate, you’re more than welcome to write your responses in the comments. Oh, and feel free to answer the questions in any order. I did write them sort of haphazardly; rearrange them any way you see fit.

I think this is the last week (for real this time) that I’m going to be mega-freakin’-busy, meaning I can get back to my more typical content starting next week… hopefully. Until then, may your food be tasty, your drinks strong, and your weeks more peaceful than mine. Cheers!

8 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award, Attempted by a Child of the Night.

  1. Some pretty sweet answers there! Thank you for taking part! I liked Tali a lot myself.

    I am on a non dating streak myself but sometimes my brain resists and I get weird dreams about random people. Never visual though even if I get lucky in my dreams my camera pans out , or getting lucky means opening pokemon cards with the other person and I get the best pull.

    The cobwebs on your lamp plus room description made me giggle! I imagined a clean freak in you for some reason!

    I will pick up sunshine blogger 9 in a few weeks! Gotta spread them out a bit! Thanks for the return nomination though!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The pleasure was mine!

      To be fair, a Pokemon date sounds pretty cool too.

      And lol, you’re not the first person to have thought I would be a clean freak! I guess I’m the sort of person who never really does things for my own sake… like, if I knew guests were coming over, I’d make sure everything was tidy and welcoming, and I’d probably make a fancy meal or something; but when it’s just me, I usually eat very simple meals and leave my room in a utilitarian state. I’m weird, I know.

      No worries, there’s no rush. I’d understand completely even if you didn’t want to do another one. You’ve been doing these longer than I have!


  2. I really enjoyed reading your answers. You’re so different than me that it is fascinating to see what you would chose.
    Even more than your answers, I loved reading your questions!
    Any chance that you could answer your own questions? Those are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I’m happy you found this as interesting as you did! Thank you, that makes my morning 🙂

      I could definitely answer my own questions… but would that be a bit weird? Lol, I’ll give it some thought– maybe I’ll write a short follow-up post later on!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, thanks. Yes please! Actually, I would love to read the answers most bloggers also pose for others when they get these awards.
        For instance, I am curious as to how Pinky would answer the same questions she asked you.
        You are already crazy busy, so no need to pile on extra homework for yourself. But if you ever did a second part of this and answered your own questions, I would definitely want to read that too.
        I don’t know if I can represent the average blog viewer, but for me I like not only learning new things, but also having a sense of community. I feel like I get to know the writers better with these random lists… not in a creepy way- muahahaha!
        Naw, these are actualy pretty fun to read.

        Liked by 1 person

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