It has been relatively lonely in the woods recently, but yesterday marked a livelier occasion than the last few days have brought me, with a visit from one of my Blue Jay friends, many Red Squirrels, and Stella the Raccoon, whom I haven’t seen in at least a week.

Stella is trespassing in the territory of another raccoon I am better acquainted with, named Mirrim. Mirrim got into a fight with a porcupine about two weeks ago, and received a face full of quills as a result. When last I saw her– 4 days prior as of my writing this– she had removed the quills but received a serious injury/infection to her left eye. The life of a raccoon is rough and short– up to 3 years, if they’re lucky. It’s something I knew I would have to make peace with when I befriended them. I may see Mirrim again, or it may very well be that Stella or another raccoon shall inherit her territory if she dies. Every day brings new challenges to these little ones, and yet they always make it look so easy.

Apologies for the poor video quality. This video, and all others I will upload, are filmed on my phone.

2 thoughts on “Friday, July 3rd – A Visit With Stella & The Squirrels.

    1. I’ve been visiting the same spot almost daily, though recently only a couple times a week (they don’t rely on my treats as much during summer!), since December 2019. The squirrels and chickadees are brave and don’t require much convincing to approach (especially when there are peanuts involved), but the raccoons were a big surprise to me. They just… showed up one day in early May, and so I started feeding them too, lol.


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